Okay, then what?

Who Are You?

I'm James.

I dig doing math. I did topology in a past life; I still think that $$\pi_{1}(S^{1}) \cong {\mathbb Z}$$ is a beautiful and deep statement. I dig learning new things. I'm into statistics, machine learning, and data analytics. I like making blogs to teach others (and help myself learn) — one of them is the blog you're reading right now!

Besides math, I work with Python for a lot of what I do. Numpy, Sklearn, Pandas, Bokeh (for now), keras are probably all you'll need to replicate my results and use my notebooks here. I've written these in Jupyter notebooks for ease-of-interactivity.

Sometimes I speedrun video games. Sometimes I bike all over the place. Sometimes I do photography. At one point I tried that coffee-painting thing. That was pretty okay.

Just in case you were wondering, my favorite fruit is the pomelo and my favorite plant is the dusty miller.